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Clinical Pharmacists are a no-brainer!

The clinical pharmacist role has been the fastest-growing of the PCN ARRS, this has lead to more investment as they can take on so much of the medicines-related workload from GPs.

Many PCNs and primary care organisations still have no idea how to embed a pharmacist into their practice or set them up for success. This can create confusion, inefficiency, and duplication of workload.  Worse still, this can cause poor retention and not achieving the full potential impact of such a highly-skilled role.

Do you know how to support your pharmacy workforce?

  • Do you know what newly joining clinical pharmacists and technicians can do safely and competently from day 1?
  • Do you have a clear delivery and development plan?
  • Do you have clear expectations of what they are contributing to workload, patient care, PCN DES, etc?
  • Do you and your pharmacy team feel clear, confident, competent, and supported to help you deliver those expectations?
  • Do all your member practices and MDT members understand where they should be utilising the clinical pharmacist skills best, and how to triage to them?
  • Do you feel that you are able to dedicate enough time, supervision, and bandwidth to supporting them achieve this?
  • Do you have visibility of your pharmacy workforce and what they are delivering to manage your patient population priorities- like SMRs and impact on the workload?

If you have said no, to any or all of the above, you need to work SMART!

A SMART solution for your Clinical Pharmacist Service

  • SMART is an online solution designed to reduce the effort for GPs and maximise the impact of the Clinical Pharmacist.
  • The SMART platform is designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of medicines-related processes in practice.  It is now being deployed by PCNs and Federations in England as well as for the national GP Pharmacist Programme across Northern Ireland.
  • The SMART platform has a suite of resources to enable pharmacists to rapidly accelerate their learning and implement standardised processes in a confident and competent manner – reducing the effort and increasing the productivity of the practice.
  • By deploying SMART, your practice will benefit from better efficiency, reduced workload, and a greater level of patient care AND ROI.


Why are NHS organisations investing in SMART?

  • standardised competency assessment tools -> using the customisable circle of competence tool provides you with the assurance of what each of your team members can do safely, regardless of their background and experience.
  • development planning framework -> ensuring safe and rapid growth of competence, whilst tracking achievements and giving clarity on priorities.
  • capability mapping tools -> assessing the current capabilities across the workforce, highlighting when training is required. Helping you to standardise delivery, in turn, providing equity of service across all member practices.
  • best practice implementation tools such as Repeat Prescribing toolkits including eRD ->improving productivity measurably- reducing repeat prescription workload by 50%.
  • bespoke milestone and KPI tracking -> ensuring focused delivery of practice and organisational priorities eg QOF, PCN DES, and local schemes
  • suite of LTC management resources such as clinical searches, templates, and protocols to ensure high-quality patient care, governance, and safe practice.

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