Structured Support for Clinical Pharmacists

Employing clinical pharmacists in GP practices

Having a clinical pharmacist on the team can ease workload, reduce waiting times and improve effectiveness. In England, all GP practices in primary care networks can access funding to employ pharmacists” British Medical Association (BMA) 18 May 2020


Make 2020 The Year You Finally Reduce Stress & Workload In Your Practice!

Now that the government has made 100% reimbursement available, engaging a clinical pharmacist to join your team is a no-brainer!  Despite the subsidised funding and proven value of a clinical pharmacist, many organisations have no idea how to embed a pharmacist into their practice or how to set them up for success.  This is where the online Smart Pharmacist service from Soar Beyond can help you.


Help your Clinical Pharmacist Service to work SMART

Soar Beyond introduced the SMART platform; to help you overcome the challenges of embedding a clinical pharmacist effortlessly and quickly within your practice.

Your practice will benefit from:

👉 Rapid recruitment

👉 Increased efficiency

👉 Reduced workload

👉 Improved patient care

👉 Higher in ROI

So, why not take advantage of our knowledge and book a FREE consultation and demo session and find out how we can help you.  The session will take about 30 minutes and starts with some basic fact-finding and understanding of your goals, a brief introduction to our Company, and then straight into the demo.